The “In my Lifetime List”

A couple of weeks ago, going thru some old journals I found my old college to do list. I laughed at my silly goals that I had at that time like #5. Say hi to the guy that stands by the locker you see everyday. or #7. Find a route thru Campus that you are not outside for less than 30 seconds. Most of my goals at the time were small but intimately represented bigger aspirations that I had for myself. For instance I could interpret goal number 5 as being more open to meeting people or being brave when meeting the opposite sex. For goal number 7 my bigger aspirations may have been to be the first to strategically use all the campus buildings to find a traveling path from my car to my class….at least that sounds more ingenious that probably me just being lazy and wanting the comfort of staying inside while commuting to classes.

I’ve discovered more recently that as I have gotten older and my bigger goals have been accomplish such as graduating with my bachelors and Masters, getting married, getting a house, going to Disney,  having kids……I don’t have many things left to check off the list of things that I’ve always dreamt of doing. Don’t get me wrong the big stuff list is awesome…and I’m so grateful that those things are checked off, but I’m kinda left with thinking now what? Maybe cause I like checking things off… (yes I have written a task down after Ive done it just so I could cross it off, so what? ) and the fact that no one is guaranteed tomorrow as I have been solemnly reminded thru friends and family that have gone before their time; has caused me to re-evaluate the little things and start to develop this list of  things to do in my lifetime.

it’s a work in progress…so In no particular order:

1) Become a wine connoisseur:

wine lover

Because lets be honest people….wine is the way classy people get drunk.  I’m always impressed by how inciting wine is presented. I want to be able to describe alcohol as tasting like “a rich mixture of luscious raspberry with tones of decant chocolate that finishes with a tone of cheesecake” If I ever find wine like that I will make sure to let Everybody know! Plus I think it would be awesome to have a wine collection that whenever I have company over I can whip out a bottle and pair it with something that actually makes the main dish taste better.

2) Take a cooking class:


Have you ever watched that tv show chopped? If you haven’t its a competition where cooks get several mystery ingredients and they have to whip something up that tastes delicious.  I am always in awe at these people. Who can make something edible with pickles, cows tongue, Cheetos and Lemon… Me!! I could after taking a cooking class…… just with  four other different ingredients.

3) Start a cupcake charity:


If anyone of my co-workers really know me, they know that cupcakes make me crazy happy. Some people get excited by football and other sports, some people are enthusiastic about politics…My passion and vice are cupcakes. How can they not make you excited? Seriously!? They have just the right amount of dessert and they can be made into many different awesome flavors such as   Blueberry Lemon, chocolate, red velvet, vanilla, cookies and cream, orange dream, German chocolate, coconut with dark chocolate, strawberry shortcake…need i go on? They invite my curious taste-buds, and like the wine connossuiour dream I want to be knowledgeable about all the different possible cupcakes there are to be had.  I haven’t figured out how to make really good cupcakes but when I do, the world better prepare because I would love to share my happiness and yummy good cupcakes with others.  I want others to smile when they taste cupcakes and have a better day because they know someone cares about them.

4) Run a 5k:


I just asked my husband if a half marathon was the three mile one, and was told no indeed it was the 5k. Yep, that’s the one I wanna run. I  know…I know complete opposite of the other goals that are already listed. I have a love/hate relationship with running. I feel that accomplishing a 5k would make me feel proud.  Its also kinda saying ha! Look what I can do with my body,  to that part of me that hates running.  Plus I want one of those stickers on the back of my car 🙂

5) Learn how to play the Piano:

Growing up a majority of the time we had a piano at my house, and I never knew how to do anything on it except bang on it and make my parents yell to stop. I think to know how to create music and be able to share emotional states thru music is great. I’m a little jealous of those talented enough to learn a musical instrument. So before I leave this earth, I for sure want to learn how to play something and hopefully get a different reaction than the typical.

6) Be a spiritual leader:

This dream has started to come true a few times, and then has ended abruptly. Last year a lady from church asked me to assist being a leader in the Moms ministry that is offered thru my church, but do to class I could not attend at the times that the group was going on. More recently, I was asked to be part of a christian organization called Emmaus and their ministry as a table leader, sadly I had to decline.  I want people to remember me as a woman of faith. Hopefully not just because I say that I am a christian but also because I’m living like a Christian.

7) Own a library:


Yes I am a dork and love books. when I was a kid I thought the coolest thing would to own a school as a house, i’ve grown up a little…Now I just want the school library in my house.  It would be sweeeeeeeeeeeeet. I am getting goosebumps just thinking about it.  Sadly, my family may never see me again as I would probably never leave the library. okay, okay so maybe a smaller office sized library with time limits would ensure that I still have a happy marriage and not neglected children to come back to 🙂

8) Travel the World:

Not sure exactly where to go…but there is so much to do, so much to see.  I would love to explore what this world is all about.

9) Have a successful garden:

I never knew so many things could go wrong with growing food. Call it nativity, ignorance or just plain not a “first world problem”, but I assumed that all food would look like  and taste like what you see in the grocery store.  I thought all food was relatively easy to grow, and that all food would grow soon. I was so wrong. It makes sense now that I think about it and realize by the time I get the fresh produce at the grocery store it has been long picked and handled by many individuals. It has been sprayed to stay fresh so it is edible by the time it is sold. For those of you who have never tasted fresh home grown veggies or fruits, don’t be fooled like I was. There is a difference. We grew tomatoes last summer, holey cow were they the best tomatoes I’ve ever tasted!  We tried growing them this year, wouldn’t you know there is a giant tomato bush in our yard but I have yet to pick off a tomato! I want to perfect the art of gardening.

10) Find the perfect pair of jeans:

th (1)

At the end of the day I’m a girl, and for those girls who are out there you ALL know what I’m talking about. This is a quest that we are all on.  A never ending quest some days it seems. Guys: this is the reason your girlfriend/wife has several pairs of the same jeans at home. The reason that woman are so frustrated with department stores when they discontinue a product unexpectedly.  This is our hunt, our struggle…It once was won, at least for me. There was a day I remember Lee’s produced the “one true fit” jean in stonewash.  Ah! be still my heart. It was made for me I owned three pairs and wore them untill they had holes in the knees and the crotch…..alas, it is no more, and the hunt continues. So if my jeans sag a little too much, or if they are tight, please be kind they are not “the one” and I know it.